Electrical and Electronics Engineering Practical lesson
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab session
Students in a practiacl lesson
Students in a practical lab session
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab session
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Welcome to the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) which is based in the School of Engineering. The mission of the Department is ‘Pursuit of excellence in teaching and research in the areas of Electrical Power, Electronics and Communication’.
Currently, the department offers three undergraduate programmes: BSc. Electrical & Electronic Engineering, BSc. Telecommunication and Information Engineering and Bachelor of Education in Technology (Electrical & Electronic Engineering).
The department is anchored under five (5) thematic areas;

  • Sustainable Power systems
  • Communication Networks and Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Renewable Energy
  • Engineering Education

Electric power is fundamental to present-day life and without it, the current structure of society would fail. Consequently, the importance of quality and sustainable power, secure distribution, and intelligent user devices cannot be underestimated. Graduates from the bachelors’ degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering are trained for successful and rewarding careers in the energy and manufacturing sectors, so as to address the challenges, and harness the opportunities thereof.

Information and hence communication plays a vital role in every aspect of society. A bachelors’ degree in Telecommunication and Information Engineering is strategic and provides a strong foundation for a wide variety of careers. The career opportunities are guaranteed by the extensive growth and application of electronics, computing and telecommunications in industry, commerce and science. Graduates of this programme are well placed to pursue successful and rewarding careers in the Communication and Information Technology sectors.

The department is equipped with modern teaching facilities and Laboratories which are manned by qualified technologists. In addition, presence of high qualified and motivated academic staff members enrich the quality of teaching and research.

The Department has established international linkages with a number of academic institutions i.e. Gifu University, TH-Koln University, Technical University of Munich. These linkages help to create a stimulating learning environment to our undergraduate students by interacting with visiting professors who serve as supervisors and mentors to students and staff.

Dr. Edwell Tafara Mharakurwa
Chairman of Department,
Electrical and Electronic Engineering.