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Welcome to the Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) which is based in the School of Engineering, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology. The mission of the Department is the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research in the area of Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunication.
Currently, the department runs two programmes: Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication and Information Engineering. Masters programs in the two areas are set to be launched in May 2014.
As Information and communication now plays a vital role in every aspect of society, a degree in Telecommunication and Information Engineering is strategically and provides a strong foundation for a wide variety of careers. This variety of career opportunities is guaranteed by the extensive growth and application of electronics, computing and telecommunications in industry, commerce and science. The undergraduate course in Telecommunication and Information Engineering, on offer in the department is recognized worldwide and graduates of this programme are ideally placed to pursue successful and rewarding careers in the telecommunication and ICT sectors.
Similarly, electricity is fundamental to present-day life and without a secure supply, society in its current form would collapse. Consequently, the importance of efficient and sustainable generation, secure distribution, and intelligent user devices cannot be overstated. Our Electrical and Electronic Engineers, with a wide range of successful and rewarding careers in energy and manufacturing sectors, are trained to address this vital challenge.
The Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering through the university has established functional linkages with a number of international academic institutions and research funding agencies (Gifu University, Technical University of Munich). These linkages have helped to create a stimulating learning environment for our undergraduate and postgraduate students. Too, the department has enged a number of visiting professors (Tottori University, Gifu University) who serve as supervisors and mentors for the Msc and PhD students and staff.
Lastly, the department through the support of the university has acquired specialized training facilities complimented by highly qualified academic staff which enormously enriches the quality of teaching and research.