About Us

University Vision

“To be the Premier Technological University, Excelling in Quality Education, Research, and Technology Transfer for National Development”

University Mission

“To provide an academically  stimulating culturally diverse and quality learning environment that fosters research, innovation and technology development towards producing relevant technical and managerial human resource and leaders to contribute to attainment of  national development goals.”

Department’s Objective

To train students for the dynamic and rapidly changing market.

Department’s Goals

  • To provide a foundation for the student to develop an appreciation and an understanding of the principles of electrical, electronics & telecommunication engineering.
  • To develop the skills of the student in the planning, design and management of electrical and telecommunication infrastructure.
  • To provide a sound academic base for the student to embark in lifelong learning and postgraduate studies and research.
  • Provide practical exposure to our students through modern laboratories.
  • Create technical awareness among the students through special lectures from resource persons, industrial visits and in-plant training.
  • To train students to appreciate professional obligations, responsibilities and ethics in relation to the needs of society.

Students Statistics

The current undergraduate enrollment figures are shown below:

YEAR 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering 60 65 80 79 101
Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Information Engineering 0 0 0 0 100
Bachelor of Educationin Technology(Electrical and ElectronicEngineering) 0 28 25 30 51

Facilities & Equipments

The department hosts 7 labs; High Voltage Lab, PCB and Control Lab, Electrical Machines Lab, Electronics Lab, Circuits and Networks Lab, Communication Lab, and Electrical Workshops.

The department also shares a Computer Lab with the School of Engineering.

The Laboratory mentioned above host a number of specialized equipment including:

  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Special machines
  • Gunn diodes
  • DVB-T test equipment
  • Satellite test kits
  • Microprocessors trainer
  • Industrial PLC equipment
  • High voltage technology trainers
  • Transmission line trainers
  • Power Electronics trainers